Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Byoto Crow Mkstman

Byoto Crow Mkstman is a grueling and abusive combination of Crow, Shoni-Byoto [jp], Mike Stevens [ia] and myself. It's nasty and unnerving, yet you'll scream for more.

Monday, April 14, 2008

BEP '88 - Disfiguration of Complacency

BEP '88 is my use of a source tape of radio excerpts and untypical sounds from Barry Edgar Pilcher who is best know for his singing saxophones, but you'll find none of those are here.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Purple Poke - If The World Sweats Why Won't It Stain?

The Scotch Tape Hall of Fame (Pitter Patter)

A high school friend Doug Haynes and I got together one day and constructed a piece using lots of sound source tapes that I had previously chosen. We listened to them all, categorized them, then mapped out an order and combination for them. We went back over the complete work with a carefully organized and calculated vocal overdub for added emphasis. Many things happen in this work that are difficult to explain and it is not at all as dry as it may sound. The result is called The Scotch Tape Hall of Fame, and it has a beautiful silk-screened cover. The sources are from Dave Prescott, Tuf, Nick, Tom Furgas, Gory Armadillos, De Fabriek, Sismoid, Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and Mark Hanley.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Your Must Lust Thy Labor

You Must Lust Thy Labor is a thick lusty mélange of elements, a primordial mix of Agog, Shmuzorft, Dave Prescott and Minóy. The title is a reference to my home-taping and networking work ethic. The cover reads "You must lust thy labor, if I didn't you would not be hearing the tape."

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blistering Tentacles

Blistering Tentacles is a technologically foreboding work with my pairing of various samples with Tom Furgas [oh]drum tracks with Mkst electronics.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

G und S

That's G und S not GNS, to you! GundS is my mix-mashing of a two tape series from DTF. It appears in a mix with Shumspag on another tape just as Saties Sackcloth appears later mixed with a Nick tape.

Saties Sackcloth

Saties Sackcloth is a -1348- release plus a release by Points of Friction. Plagiarism or paganism? You probably don't have either of these two tapes, and if you got this you'd have both. What a bargain.

Meteored Enthusiasm

Meteored Enthusiasm is a cool work that mixes Don Campau's strange sound and loop experiments with a tape from DFT called "Enthusiasm."

Monday, January 23, 2006

Gory Armadillos Ekzacting Chortles

Gory, Mad, and Magnificent are all great tapes. Gory Armadillos Ekzacting Chortles is a college era live collaboration with Greg Armknecht and is a masterful four-track work. It's quite surprising and funny, featuring some inspired and silly moments.

Bonus KM to Twitty City vs. POW III

POW III though is ideal for people who loved crazed vocal works. A grueling (and I mean grueling) 30 minute work with three layers of unaffected vocals and severe stereo separation. One voice repeats a phrase over and over, another is similar to Moroccan wailing, and the third is humming a catchy tune over and over. It's so good even I have a hard time listening to in its entirety.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Eat

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Eat is like an Embarrassing & Regrettable work and has some enjoyable four-track recordings from 1989 and the hit song "Just Another Notch on My Guitar" by CBC3 with my background vocals.

Magnificent Figures Formulating Manifestoes

Magnificent Figures Formulating Manifestoes is a highly praised collaboration with Mauro Guazotti of F:A.R. and Mkst. It is almost dreamy or cinematic.

Suede Leotard Foundations

Suede Leotard Foundations has a few pieces which are nearly musical and very well balanced yet on the verge of chaos. It's combined sources in a planned way that sometimes breaks into a droning high pitch squeal that would make you leap out of a coma to turn down the volume. Calculated yet free formed, this tape includes sources from Robert Ommundsen, Nick, Tuf, Mark Hanley and more. For sheer diversity this tape is worth investigating.

Tons Better Than Nothing

Tons Better Than Nothing is another tape from my college days and has that era's style of composition. This tape features Sismoid and Mkst and it always reminds me of Unclean Brut (MotUA) and I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps you should get both tapes and determine that for yourself. They both have very nice similar greeting card covers, so this should be extra impetus to discover both tapes.

Unendorsable Substitute

Unendorsable Substitute is a delightful tape with sounds pieces that are generally keyboard and drone oriented with the additions of loops and voices to enhance the marvelous feeling. This tape has sounds by Mystery Hearsay, CBC3, Minóy, Mkst and others. There are two contributors on each piece and the whole tape has a satisfyingly complete feel to it.

Zan's Big Orch Stone

Zan's Big Orch Stone is a murky 4-track collaboration four-track with Big City Orchestra. It also has Dan Fioretti bkwds, Nick late at night, 1348, Messy (of Selves without Shells), and Mark Hanley. The end of the tape picks up and becomes quite a charming adventure.

Catapults Dining with Shining China

Catapults Dining with Shining China is six pieces featuring a dozen people, including the eerie Minóy vocal on "Life is but a series of" and the very funny and haunting "The Bride Stripped Bare by Benny" with a convoluted cut-up looping of "Benny and the Jets" set to a cycling Minóy loop keyboard. Throughout the tape there is enough diversity and odd combinations to thrill you.

Contest Murnoff

Contest Murnoff is a thick stew where many old source tapes trample over one another for your attention.

Rid Cid of Arid Acid

Rid Cid of Arid Acid is similar to Contest Murnoff (same era) but it's more cohesive and determinate. The title stands for "Reclusion is Deaf, Confusion is Death, Our Future, All Radical Information Destroys, Any Combination is Disastrous." It features a short lived group "the Ugly Obtrusive Dudes" in their only incarnation with a series of pieces entitled "40 seconds until death."

Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening, Rust in Space - Twice and Wot? - Mix of the Ancients are all close in feeling to each other with a sound collage technique which is like a finger painting: crude and smeared, but charming and likable.

Rust in Space - Twice

Wot? - Mix of the Ancients

Soft Ceetie Shoulder Credentials

Finally Soft Ceetie's title once meant something clever and obscure to me, but that was back in 1987 when I made it and I've since been unable to remember it's purpose. The tape is unquestionably quite strange and it is neither musical nor funny like many of the other tapes in this series, but it is spooky and sometimes disquieting.